Point Dume, California | Brian Merrick

History of Point Dume, California

By Brian Merrick | May 5, 2017

  The story of Point Dume is full of history and intrigue. First used by the Chumash Indians who foraged the tide pools for fish and shellfish. The Point was also used as an important communication relay between their villages. The top of the Point formed a vital communication link between villages in Malibu, Ventura,…

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California Housing Market | Brian Merrick

California Housing Market: How to Find the Gems

By admin | May 2, 2017

Here’s a sobering fact: Fewer than 30% of potential California homebuyers will be able to afford a median-priced house in 2017, according to the California Association of Realtors. For the sake of comparison, that figure was above 50% during the 2011-12 market! The association predicts that the California housing market will post only modest gains this…

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VR Oculus Headset | Brian Merrick

How Virtual Reality is Changing the Real Estate Industry

By admin | April 24, 2017

Virtual reality has already entered the gaming and entertainment industry. Now, it’s positioned to change the real estate landscape. Well before even setting foot in their next house or apartment, real estate clients are donning plastic goggles and doing a virtual “walkthrough” of their new accommodations. Virtual reality (VR) is poised to redesign the real…

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Home's Value | Brian Merrick

How to Figure Out Your Home’s Value When Selling

By admin | April 18, 2017

A home’s value is a big factor for homeowners who are determining whether to sell their home. This may be the case for you as well—you’re looking at homes to buy and want to know how much you will be able to make on your current home. Like some homeowners, the estimated value of your…

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Local Schools | Brian Merrick

Choosing from Local Schools Near Your New Home

By admin | April 14, 2017

Whether you have recently bought a home or are in the process of buying one, one of the big decisions you will face is which school to send your child. Choosing a new school can seem overwhelming—there may be many different options within a short distance from your home; and when you are new to…

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Santa Monica Home | Brian Merrick

Retreat from the Hustle and Bustle with a Santa Monica Home

By admin | April 4, 2017

When compared with downtown LA or Hollywood, Santa Monica is a peaceful reprieve from the fast pulse of progress. A beachy vibe, a vibrant arts community, and a strong focus on health and wellness make Santa Monica a relaxed and inspiring place to live. Located on the Westside of LA, Santa Monica’s neighboring communities are…

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Real Estate Agent | Brian Merrick

5 Reasons to Go With a Real Estate Agent

By admin | March 22, 2017

Are you in the market for a new home or selling your current one? If so, you might be doing a little DIY research on your own in the beginning. And why not? The internet has plentiful resources available to get you started. Learning on your own can help you get a better idea about…

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